Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Breaking News

This just in from our news correspondent in Anniversaryville. The cute couple currently inhabiting The Foxhole will be tying the knot in Las Vegas in October. Or more appropriately, they will be celebrating ten years of marriage with their good friends Skeet & Kelli. This breaking news brought to you today by Second Honeymoon in Vegas. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

So...yeah. We'll be celebrating our TEN-year anniversary this year. (Where did all the time go?!) We've gone back and forth about what we would do for our big anniversary. Take a big trip? Take a small trip? Take no trip? Decisions, decisions. But we finally decided on a little get-away to Vegas with our friends. We'll enjoy a nice hotel, a little shopping, and all of the great sights we didn't get to see the last time we were there. Can't wait!!!

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Tess said...

Oh, yay, VEGAS!! So excited for you.