Sunday, April 11, 2010


I finally waved the white flag on Friday and gave in to my allergies. I stayed home. Honestly, it was a good week to have them be on full tilt since it was a particularly quiet week at the office. I toughed through them on Weds. and Thurs., but by Friday, well, I was just done. I must say that it was nice to get to sleep in and lounge about. When my allergies are particularly bad, it makes me tired and grumpy and non-productive, not to mention giving me the allergy fog & terrible headaches. All of you partners-in-misery out there know what I'm talking about. So I spent Friday relaxing and blowing my nose. Exciting, huh?

The rest of the weekend has been busy. Yesterday I had to be up early waiting on Verizon. They actually came early. Naturally, we couldn't reproduce the problem. Whatever. Then I headed to the church to prepare for a children's choir rehearsal for their spring musical. Today, I sang a service, went to a staff luncheon, set up for another children's choir rehearsal, and ran herd on little imps before heading home about 6 p.m. It was a long day. I'm now settled into the recliner with a good movie and prop for the kids' show. A director's job is never done, eh?

Here's hoping for a great week!

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