Friday, March 12, 2010

Things: Installment 37

Happy birthday to my good friend Daon! How about some funny stories about her? Yeah, I thought that would be fun, too. (Just kidding, Daon!) I won't tell any stories on her, but I will run through a litany of little tidbits about her. So here's a list of

Things About My Friend Daon
  • We are the same age, though she will be quick to remind me that I am five months older than she is! *wink*
  • Our husbands are also the same age, which is kinda odd. They're not really alike in any other way but can manage to talk each other to death nonetheless. Bryan really should be in sales. LOL!
  • We also wear the same size shoe. Which wouldn't be so interesting unless you consider the freakishly small size we wear - 5.5. Good luck finding those on the sale rack!
  • We met at work.
  • It took us a couple of months to realize that we had a mutual friend, Kara. I went to high school with Kara and Daon went to law school with her. Small world! (We, of course, have other mutual friends, but they used to work in my office so that hardly counted.)
  • She's come to hear me sing a coupla times. (We had a great time listening in the car, no?? LOL!) Miss Molly liked my singing too ... in utero anyway.
  • Daon is solely responsible for my "Twilight problem," as Derek calls it. We've been to a midnight movie opening and a CONVENTION. And I just might have attempted to get her a copy of New Moon to watch at home just after Molly was born (someone beat me to the punch). And yep, we're already making plans for the summer release of Eclipse. (Speaking of which, have you seen the trailer??? Can't wait!)
  • We have remarkably similar personalities. Which means she "gets" all my quirks and still likes me anyway. *grin*
  • When I first met her, I wasn't quite sure what to think. She's awfully quiet (like me) when she first meets new people and that (short-lived) quiet streak can often be mistaken as snobbishness. I won't lie, I did kinda think she was a snob. But it takes about 2.2 seconds to realize that this chick isn't a snoot AT ALL but one of the nicest, snarkiest, funniest, kind-hearted people you could ever meet! And I'm proud to call her my friend!

Happy birthday, Daon! Hope it's the most fantastic one yet!


Tess said...

Um, SIZE 5.5 shoe HIGH FIVE!! We are totally doing a shoe-trade sometime. Uh, assuming you both wear shoes from Target and/or Payless. Heh.

(Also, I second the b-day wishes)!!

Susan said...

Score one for the little feet ... we should DEFINITELY do a shoe trade sometime and bring all of our little-footed friends to join in the fun. That should bring the RSVP number to a rousing 8 or so.

Aggie99 said...

Awwwww, aren't you sweet! And I totally thought you were a snob at first too. :) Hee hee!

That picture makes me giggle.

And a shoe trade! Genius!! And I have plenty of Target/Payless shoes. But if I had to guess, I bet you both have ALOT more shoes than me. I know S beats me ten-fold in this area.