Sunday, March 21, 2010


So the new flooring is in and the house is (mostly) put back together. We couldn't be more pleased with the results! As our neighbor said this morning, it really DOES feel more homey. We couldn't agree more.

Digital template & paper: Jessica Sprague
Font: CK Ali's Hand 


gayla said...

WOW, I LOVE the dark color! Who did them??

JanaRae said...

Lovely! How are the critters adjusting? It took Howard quite some time after we moved to Memphis (and first had wood floors) to learn how not to slide into things when he chased a thrown toy. And yes, I have rugs near things that he jumps on. Otherwise, poor thing gets no traction whatsoever and misses the intended target as his feet slide out from under him upon the jump; he's so embarrassed when that happens. ;)

Susan said...

jana, the critters are adjusting fairly well. dori isn't all that happy, particularly since her hips are giving her so much trouble. but i think she'll be fine once she gets used to it. i can already tell that i'll be adding MORE rugs in strategic places. =)

gayla, empire today did the floors. they're expensive but they do EVERYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
Heather Shin