Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catching Up

Well, despite my best efforts, I just haven't been up to blogging much lately. Too many other fun & exciting things to do. Like be a couch potato. *wink* So let's see if we can catch you up to speed.

What about that crazy weather we had?! Geez. Only in Texas is it 70+ one day and then in the 30s and snowing the next! Honestly, I had blown off the weekend forecast. The wintry mix the weather people were predicting was so up in the air (no pun intended) that it seemed laughable. "If the line passes to the north, we'll receive no precipitation, but if it passes to our south, we can expect wintry precip. Our computer models are changing by the hour, so we cannot predict the path of this weather system. But even if we do receive precipitation, we are not expecting any significant accumulations." Boy, were they wrong ... AGAIN! We were out & about Saturday when it started to sprinkle and then the sprinkles turned to snow pellets. The wind was wicked, too. As the evening wore on, it began snowing. It looked like a blizzard when we got out for dinner about 9. Still, I didn't think we would see much of the white stuff by morning. Needless to say, when I got up and let the dog out at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning, I was stunned by the snow that fell IN on my feet. I mean, when does THAT ever happen??! I then actually looked out to the yard & saw this scene on my back porch. Snow?? In March?? CRAZY! (<---photo) Oh, and on Monday and Tuesday, temps were back in the 70s. *eyeroll*

Our flooring install went off without a hitch, and we couldn't be more pleased with the result. Shameless plug number one:  For anyone who's interested, we contracted with Empire Today. Their install crew was both courteous and professional. They did top-notch work and took excellent care of all of our furniture. And when we were setting everything back up and couldn't find a component to our entertainment system, the site foreman went above & beyond to help us locate it. (Derek eventually found it on top of the wireless router that's tucked behind the couch in the office. Go figure - it was the one place we hadn't looked!) Shameless plug number two:  We got all of our new rugs from The Dump. OMG - that place is sensory overload! BUT if you want a huge selection of rugs at very reasonable prices, you should DEFINTELY go to The Dump! I had been looking at rugs at various places online, so I knew what my rugs would likely run me. And, of course, all of the rugs I liked weren't in-stock in an actual store; they had to be ordered online. Now, I'm a pretty tactile person so ordering online just wasn't a good option for me. I wanted to see the rug, touch the rug, feel the rug. And BONUS, the rugs were the same price, if not cheaper, at The Dump. So there you have it, SOLD!

While we were getting new floors, I stayed holed up in the craft room with the kitties. Let's just say that they were none too pleased about this. Then again, they were none too pleased with the banging and hammering and sawing either. And they totally freaked out the first time they got to come out and check out the new floors. They were much better the second time - all of the furniture was in its proper place so it didn't feel quite so foreign to them. Dori, on the other hand, went to stay with her friends at the vet's office. While she was there, she had some work done on her hips. She began exhibiting symptoms of hip displaysia a few years ago and has been on glucosamine supplements ever since. Over the last six months or so, we have seen a dramatic change in her comfort when sitting and lying down. Clearly, she's been in pain. So we took this opportunity to have a full work-up and seek a new line of treatment. We opted for an experimental injection called bioscaffold rather than direct injections of a glucosamine-like substance. Bioscaffold, while a little expensive, is our best option for a cure for her joint pain. Bioscaffold claims to "regenerate multiple connective tissues" by "upregulating growth factors in a physiological manner." (More information on this product can be found here.) In sum, it's supposed to stimulate the growth of new tissue in her hip joints thus curing her hip displaysia. We won't know for sure whether it worked for her for another 4-5 weeks. We're hopeful. In the meantime, we're supposed to keep Dori quiet. Ha! Can you say challenging??

The next two weeks will be crazy-busy for me as the season of Lent draws quickly to a close. Sunday begins Holy Week, which, for me, means lots of singing. My kids are also just 4 weeks from their spring musical performance, and there is still SO much work to be done to have them ready. (Wanna take bets on how many of them practiced during spring break?) I also begin rehearsing for my out-of-town gig in May. And that means extra travel & rehearsal time. Such is the life of a singer.

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