Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After lots of hemming & hawing, we finally decided not to ski this morning before leaving. While we would have all loved to have taken a few treks down the mountain, none of us could get geared up and out of gear quickly enough to make it work. So we enjoyed a leisurely morning of packing instead before heading to town for breakfast and a little shopping.

We then loaded up in the airport shuttle and headed for Salt Lake City. It was a harrowing ride down from the mountains. (For those of you who don't know, I get car sick on windy roads.) Luckily, I kept my breakfast, but much longer of a ride and it would have been very dicey.

The weather held up nicely in Dallas and we arrived on time. We had upgraded to first class for the ride home, so it was by far the fastest we've ever gotten off the plane, gotten our luggage, and gotten on the road. Whoohoo for priority tags!

The cats were all very excited to see us. We got an earful from Meeko. Dottie peeked her head out from under the bed long enough to see that we had returned and then promptly went back to her hiding place - not to be seen the remainder of the evening. We got lots of help unpacking. Getting inside luggage is a favorite pastime.

I'm bushed and am now on my way to dreamland. Photos from the end of the trip tomorrow maybe.

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