Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2 on the Mtn.

Well, we survived a second day on the mountain. Sorry, no photos. None of us were quite ready to try snapping photos while on skis. *wink* We all stuck together today. Not originally what Kelli & I had planned, but it actually worked out really well. We got to the bunny slopes before all the ski school peeps got there, so it gave me & Kelli a chance to go over the basics on more "friendly" territory. Then we headed up the chair lift with the boys to the top of the green. We spent all morning riding up & skiing down. And by the time we broke for lunch, we'd become experts at getting off the lift without wiping out. We had some funny disembarkations tho.

We all got pretty good at zipping down the green. So at lunch we talked about what other trails that would be good for us to try. None of us felt ready for "easy" blues, but we thought we might be ready for the double green. It was supposed to be a long meandering trail down the mountain. Haha ... WRONG! First of all, it was nothing but about a foot of fluffy powder up there, and it took way more energy to "glide" over the powder than it did the packed powder on the green. And second of all, we had to cross a wicked blue to connect with the bottom part of our double green, and this wicked crossing happened several times as we made our way down. Basically, we all either slid, scooted, or walked our way down until Kelli & I just threw up our hands and said DONE. We took a courtesy ride down to the hotel. We might be ready for this trail by Monday, but now that we all know what it's like, I doubt any of us will be brave enough to try even if we are capable of getting down any better. Let's just say that in this case of mind over matter that the matter whooped @$$!!

All in all though, we had a great day of skiing and are looking forward to tomorrow's runs (photos...promise!), assuming any of us can roll out of bed in the morning. B/c good lord my everything is sore!!!

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