Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where Did Last Week Go?!

Do you ever look up and realize how quickly the time has whizzed by? Last week seemed to sail at break-neck speed. And the funny thing is that I didn't really do that much out-of-the-ordinary. Sure, there weren't very many evenings when I was actually home. Just ask our house guest/my cousin Stephanie (hey, girl - it was great to have ya!). LOL! Poor thing, she didn't really see much of us.

The Usual Schedule has begun again - voice lessons on Mondays, training on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, teaching kids and rehearsing on Wednesdays. By the time the weekend gets here, it's definitely time for a break! Throw in a visit or two with some friends, a late holiday gathering of family (<--photo), and double duty at Ye Olde Church Job and you have the recipe for a busy week.

But we enjoyed a long weekend thanks to the MLK Holiday. So we did get a chance to kick back and relax. We bought a new game for the Wii and spent most of our free time playing it. Derek claims it's "in preparation for the ski trip." But I'm not really sure how much help it will be. We've had a great time playing it tho. All I can say is that there's no way I'll actually sail down the mountain THAT fast. No way, Jose! Too much of that out-of-control feeling. And we all know that'll never do for OCD me! But if you have a Wii, I highly recommend Wii Ski & Snowboard. LOADS of fun for people of all ages (our 5-yr-old neighbor LOVED it)!

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