Friday, January 08, 2010

Things: Installment 32

It's about time for another Things post, don't you think? And there is certainly plenty of inspiration this week. For me anyway.

Things: I Love About Cold Weather
  • It's time to drag out the sweaters. I love sweaters. You might call it an infatuation of sorts. Turtlenecks are my favorite. I have lots of them. But not enough. Must remedy that now that stores are clearing them out for spring styles!
  • Time to make a fire. Who doesn't like a nice, toasty fire? It's so warm (duh!) and cozy. Makes for perfect date nights. *wink*
  • Flannel sheets make their appearance. My love affair with flannel sheets almost rivals the infatuation with sweaters. The downside is the heatwave in the middle of the night when the central heat comes on. But that's usually remedied with the ol' one-foot-out ventilation system.
  • Terrific critter entertainment ensues. I don't know what it is about cold weather that brings out the friskiness in our critters, but they prance and play and put on quite a show. You would expect this from Dori, of course. I mean, Siberian Huskies love, love, LOVE cold weather. But the cats also run around on full tilt - meowing & pouncing. It's pretty hilarious.
  • It brings the hope of snow. Sure, we all complain about it. But who honestly doesn't love the white stuff?! I sure do. Which is why I'm stoked that we're going to see real snow in February when we go skiing in Park Cities. Woot!

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