Monday, January 25, 2010

Change is a'comin'

Isn't it funny how short weeks feel eternally long?? Last week was very much like that. That's why I was surprised when my standard weekend also felt long. What? Yeah. That's what I said. But it did. And in a good way. So I'm not complainin'.

My mom came over Friday night - craft paraphenalia in tow. If you've never seen my mom travel with her craft supplies, well, you've missed something spectacular. It never ceases to amaze me how she's able to pack up virtually her entire arsenal. She's quite efficient at loading & unloading too. I really should video the process sometime. Just for fun. Anywho, she came over & we did some scrappin'. One of my other friends who is just getting into crafting also came over. (Hey, Whitney!) We all had a blast working on our separate projects. I don't think we took pictures of us all in the craft room. That would have been funny too. Three people in a 10x10 space with a huge desk & two card tables. But we managed just fine and all of us got stuff accomplished. Good times!

Poor Derek worked most of the weekend. He was on call for all the other reps who were out of state at the company's National Sales Meeting. He volunteered to stay behind and help the two associates. It's a good thing too b/c they were BUSY!

Otherwise, it was a pretty typical weekend. We spent time with the neighbors, played a little Wii, loafed. Nope. Can't complain.

Have you heard the weather forecast for the end of the week? They're talking about another round of wintry weather. We'll see. Their track record for good forecasting is certainly dismal this year.

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