Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Like That

Even though we had places to be and people to see all weekend, the weekend seemed long ... for whatever reason. Weird, if you ask me, but I'm not lookin' the gift-horse if you know what I mean.

Friday we went to Derek's office party at the Big Boss' house. There's been a LOT of turnover this year, which was vastly apparent as we walked in the door and I recognized only two or three faces. Honestly, there have been lots of changes at the company altogether this year and more planned for 2010. Which is why this year's party was at the Big Boss' house and for the first year since Derek's been at the company the party was casual rather than cocktail attire (which I found out AFTER I'd gone out and bought a new dress. *le sigh*).

Saturday we had Christmas with Derek's parents who will be in Florida for Christmas week this year. We cooked dinner for them - something we've been promising since his dad's birthday in September. Better late than never? They enjoyed it, and we certainly enjoyed the visit. And, of course, we enjoyed a little gift exchange too.

Today has been a most excellent day of rest. I did not have to sing, so we enjoyed a late get-up time. We had breakfast with the neighbors - smoked salmon & yummy Starbucks Christmas blend. We're spending the rest of the day lazing about, which will likely involve football, crafting, laundry, and cleaning off the DVR. It's nice not to have to get out of the pjs!

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