Thursday, December 10, 2009


Christmas is gearing up at our house. I finally started dragging out the home decor this week. So things are looking a bit more festive. I still have a box to drag down from the attic. Perhaps I'll get that done this weekend. We've also quickly been clicking away to get all of the gifts ordered. I think FedEx is just about tired of coming to our house by now! LOL! And we've made several trips to honest-to-goodness storefronts (shocking, I know) for several other gifts. Still have a few more stops to make, but the shopping is just about finished. Everything else requires me to stay home long enough to get some crafting done. It's down to the Great Race to Christmas - as it usually is when I decide to MAKE things. Now I just need to get all the goodies wrapped and tagged and under the garland. (We're not putting the tree up (again) this year. Meeko's still a bit too curious about the other things I have out. Can't risk him taking down an entire tree!)

Speaking of goodies, Santa made his stop a little early this year. Today, he informed me that I would be getting a new washer & dryer on Dec. 26th. Whoohoo - no more waiting 2 hrs for the dryer to get things less than damp! Granted, these new gadgets are SO fancy that it may take me WEEKS to get them figured out. But I'm sure I can manage. Heh heh! And Derek will be happy to have wrinkle-free(ish) clothes or at least the ability to get the wrinkles out with steam.

Now ... if I can just get Santa to deliver a couple of big set sales and an ice storm for Derek before the end of the year, we'll be all set. *wink*

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