Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Redux

Here we are. Skating (perhaps literally if the forecasts hold true) on the other side of Christmas. *happy sigh* I don't know about you, but for me, this has to be one of the best Christmases in recent memory. Good food, good friends, good times!

This year, there were no hurt feelings to be dealt with. The holidays make those even harder to assuade, and the whole mess just puts a damper on things. So yay for family cooperation this year! We got to spend good, quality time with all of our loved ones where we enjoyed lots of laughter, good food, and bunches of terrific gifts.

Derek was most surprised by my parents who gave him a Keurig coffee machine. He's now in K-cup heaven! *wink* And I have to say that I'm really enjoying it too. It's nice to make a single cup at a time and not have a mess to clean up. We have oodles to keep us warm for a while!

My biggest gift is a new steam washer & dryer. O! M! G! I LOVE them. You know how I complain about the mountains of laundry I let accumulate? And how it takes me forEVER to get it finished? Well. Not anymore. I'm finished with ALL of the laundry (and I had let a lot pile up to put the new stuff to the test) and managed to do it all on Saturday and Sunday. Amazing! Now I'm digging into the dry cleaning stack to see what can go a bit longer (just needs freshening/dewrinkling). I've tried just about every function on these babies and have not been disappointed. If anything, it's made me realize just how much I needed new ones. Our clothes were not getting clean AT ALL in the old ones as is evidenced by the crusty-arm-pitted shirts that have come out of the dryer. Ick! So if you're looking for new ones too, I can't speak highly enough about the LG line.

Now that the holidays are over and I have a break from Ye Olde Paid Church Job, I can enjoy time doing what I want to do. Naturally, that means I'll be getting crafty. *wink* I'm itching to get started on some long-neglected scrapbooks. Heck, I'm hoping I can catch up .... Hahaha! Nah! Not likely to happen. But I'm pretty sure I can make a nice dent in the piles to-be-scrapped. And, of course, there are thank-you notes to be made & mailed for all of the wonderful holiday loot.

Derek, poor thing, is slaving away right now making that final push before year's end. He's this close to making his quota. In fact, it all hinges on one sale that hangs precariously in the balance. But, in my book, he's had a year to be proud of - he met his personal sales goal, set three back-to-back monthly sales records, and has gotten all kinds of recognition from HQ. I'm proud of ya, babe!

We plan to celebrate the new year with our friends/neighbors with fancy attire, a night out on the town, and a hired driver. Good times will certainly be had by all!

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