Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cartoon Weekly

Here we are at another Hump Day and that means it's time to take a peek at my (sometimes sick) sense of humor. Enjoy!

The guys who write Brevity have an amazing knack for tickling my funny bone.

Granted, this Bizarro is poking fun at "trainers" in the professional sports arena. But after hearing the trainers in my gym talking about supplements and shakes and protein powders, I realized it has much broader applications. Note: I have not taken any "peanuts" from my trainer. LOL!

With New Year's upon us, it seems appropriate to examine the resolutions we might set for ourselves.

After several weeks of cold weather, I find more & more critters either on my lap or on the bed with me. They're particularly fond of places you've warmed up and momentarily left. The quick move to the vacated warm spot is not their way of keeping your place warm for you either. Nosireebobbothankyouverymuch.

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