Monday, November 16, 2009

Winds Are A'Changin'

Whew. Last week was a whirlwind. Was it for you, too? Funny how weeks with holidays in the middle seem longer. There's nothing worse than a week with two Mondays! Agreed? I told you life wasn't going to slow down once the recital was through. Now it seems like everything is in fast-forward from now till Christmas. What is it with that?!

I spent the first part of the week putting together decorations for a baby shower I co-hostessed. (Say that a few times fast!) They turned out super cute and everyone loved them. And, of course, I don't have access to the photos right now, so I'll have to remember to come back & upload them later ... note to self. And we all know how great I am at that! HA! The short of the story is that it was a nice party and baby-to-be got some really terrific loot.

On Saturday, I attended another shower for my friend at a posh high-rise apartment in Uptown. FAN-CY! We were a little worried mom-to-be wouldn't get to be there since she's been having some blood pressure issues, but she got special permission to attend the last of her baby showers before going on indefinite bed rest. For me, it was fun to get to meet some of her other friends and see a few of the ones I know myself. In particular, I finally got to meet a blogger I've followed for several years. And, yep, she's just as cool in person.

The rest of the weekend went on without fanfare. You know, the usual. Although, I am pleased to say that my Packers managed to continue the Cowboys Lambeau Losing Streak. (But in all fairness, both teams played like crap and the refs were pretty one-sided. So all you Cowboys fans, don't go gettin' up in my face just b/c I'm a little pleased that the Packers didn't totally suck this week!)

Oh, and before I forget (shhh, those of you with Google Reader), how about that cold weather we woke up to thsi morning?? Can you say AWESOME!!!!

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Tess said...

So great to meet you too! Except for that Packer Fan thing. That has to go. Heh. :-)

Also, YAY cool weather! Suck it Indian Summer!