Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things: Installment 30

This year, in particular, it seems most appropriate to dedicate a(n early) Things post to Thanksgiving. 2009 was a pretty crummy year for us, quite frankly. But in the midst of loss and fear, there are still so many good things to appreciate. And how much better it is to dwell on our blessings rather than our hardships! You quickly realize that even the crummiest year is laced with love.

Things to be Thankful For This Year
  1. I am very grateful that Derek's cancer was caught early, treated with surgery alone, and he continues to get excellent reports at his oncology visits. Each month is another step to greater odds that he will have no future recurrances.
  2. We both have jobs that we enjoy and that are (mostly) recession-proof.
  3. We enjoyed an excellent summer vacation - an opportunity to steal time away from busy lives and enjoy each other and our loved ones.
  4. We are blessed with many dear friends with whom we enjoy dinners and get-togethers and mini-vacations and late-night chats. Our friends are priceless beacons in good times and bad, and it's hard to say where we might be without them. Each one is a precious, irreplacable gift.
  5. We cannot help but miss our friend and neighbor Boo who passed away so suddenly a few months ago. But how blessed we are to have known him and been touched by him - a great man, a true friend!
  6. I continue to grow in my music. Not only does my voice continue to warm and grow and amaze even me, but I am now learning to instill my love for music in the singers of tomorrow. Teaching children is certainly a challenge, but I am reminded of my own beginnings in choir - how my director formed and shaped me and truly began my love for vocal music. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Becky for that. I hope to pass that gift on to the children in my choir.
  7. My nephew Oliver, though a few weeks early, is growing and thriving and is already a heart-stealer! We look forward to watching him grow and change over this next year.
  8. I am thankful for my mom who is celebrating a birthday this Thanksgiving Day. Happy birthday, mom!
  9. We're thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with our friend Dan who will be shipping off to a new duty office next month. We are SO sad to see him go but look forward to keeping in touch and seeing him on vacations. And we really hope that he is able to return here in a few years. Our block is definitely going to be a little lonely without him.
  10. We are thankful for ALL of those service men and women who give of themselves to serve and protect This Great Nation. It is their heritage of sacrifice that affords us this opportunity to be thankful.
Simply said: we are full of thanks for the innumerable blessings so richly bestowed upon us by our Heavenly Father. And we pray His blessings for you!

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