Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Little Help From Your Friends?

So ... today, my friend & neighbor Mike had a little wardrobe malfunction. Unfortunately, he didn't realize his mistake until he arrived at the office.

BUT ... Mike's coworker, friend, & neighbor Skeet came to the rescue. Granted, I'm pretty sure Skeet was just making fun of Mike. But still. A little help from a friend is always nice! hee hee!
My question is this: how do you mistake shoes that have COMPLETELY different toe boxes? Same style, different color. I totally get that. But talk about different ends of the spectrum there, Mikey!

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Anonymous said...

My dad did that with a slip on and a lace up. He went to the City Credit Union (which he used to be on the Board of). I'm sure they thought he was nuts.

Heather Shin