Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Great Race Begins

The marathon cooking spree has begun. My dear, sweet husband braved the likes of Kroger AND Wally World at 4:30 p.m. yesterday to get the last-minute things I need to make the Thanksgiving goodies. What a trooper! And what a lifesaver, I say! Otherwise, I was going to have to make those stops myself after my rehearsal last night. And I don't know about you, but I'm not all that up for grocery shopping at 10 p.m. Pfffttt!

Instead, I came home and baked a cake. My mom's birthday cake actually. Her birthday is tomorrow (gobble-gobble), but we all have obligations elsewhere so we opted to crash my brother's house and have a party today. (Truth be told, we all intend to fight over Oliver, but that's neither here nor there. LOL)

After I get home from the birthday shindig, I'll start the baking for tomorrow's feast with the neighbors. Gotta get that cornbread made today so it's good & crumbly tomorrow morning when I make the dressing. Mmmm mmmmmm! Have to get up super-early to do that b/c I decided it would be a great idea to schedule a session with my trainer tomorrow morning. Tell me, who does that?! Crazy people like me, I guess. Heh heh! In preparation for my great carb-loaded gorgefest tomorrow, yesterday's training session was more like a torture session. Nice. I suppose I'll thank her at some point. But let's just say, I'm not thankin' her today! Nope. More like, cursing her name. Ha! I just hope my abs aren't still sore tomorrow 'cause that'll really cut into the room I can make for all that dressing and punkin pie! But let's keep that between us. *wink*

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