Monday, November 23, 2009

The Freight Train to Epiphany

I managed to cram this last weekend full of as much fun as I could stand. It was, after all, my last weekend off until January. This week officially begins the race to Christmas. I hate to think of it that way, but in the life of a church musician, some truths are held to be self-evident. The fact that Advent tends to be a blur & whir of activity is just one of those.

As I sat in a final planning meeting for the children on Saturday, I realized just how much we have left to accomplish in ONE REHEARSAL! I felt a little like Chicken Little running around with my hands over my ears screaming, "the sky is falling! the sky is FALL-ING!" But I've learned a) to never underestimate the ability of children to learn things at the last minute, b) to never underestimate the element of surprise, and c) to come up with a game plan for the punt. I'm hoping my kiddos work on music while they enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday so that I am thoroughly surprised at our rehearsal next week. But I've also gone through our music making the plan to cut & slash pieces down to something workable. You know, just in case they enjoyed the turkey a little too much.

And after I got done worrying about my choir, I got to move on to my own music. Which, by the way, I haven't worked on but, oh, an hour or two. TOPS. *sigh* Not exactly the way I like to go into the Advent season - grossly unprepared. But this year has been a learning curve for me. Who knew directing children could be so time-consuming & life-sucking?! LOL! So aside from working on tons of Christmas projects over the break this week, I will also be ear-torturing the neighbors. I guess it's a good thing most of them will be gone. *wink*

So what did I do for a little distraction from all of this (now most-obvious source of) stress? Went out with friends, of course! And Sunday I saw New Moon. You may remember how thoroughly disappointed I was with Twilight. Well, clearly the studio listened to the complaints from the fan base b/c they stepped it up on this second one. The screen play was better. The special effects were better. The acting was better. The editing was better. I still maintain that Kristen Stewart is a TERRIBLE Bella! Ugh! She pains me, people! I hated every scene between Bella & Edward. They're just too .... awkward. BUT the scenes between Bella & Jacob? Now those were believable. Probably her best moments in either film. I was a little sad to come away from the movie totally rooting for that relationship. And let's just talk about Jacob for a minute, shall we? Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm - yummy! The entire wolf pack was some definite eye candy. And to quote one of my girlfriends, "I feel kinda dirty lusting after a 20-year old. But man!" Seriously! And let me just say, the wolves scared the bejeesus out of me. So score one for the computer graphics guys. You hit that one dead-on. So, if you're a fan of the books and were disappointed with the first movie, this one is worth seeing. I hope the next two show this much improvement!


Tess said...

My busiest time of year at work falls over the holidays too. One of my coworkers, who has worked here 30 years, said she has never ONCE fully enjoyed a holiday season in that time. SIGH.

Aggie99 said...

Um, not to make you feel even dirtier, but Taylor is actually 17 but perhaps you are talking about another member of the wolf pack who is older? :)

Susan said...

Even though I'm crazy-busy during the holidays, I do actually enjoy them. This year is a little more harried than most, but it's also my first year directing the kids. Hopefully next year will be better. On the upside, I'm not hosting the family Christmas shin-dig so I don't have to drag out the decorations this year. Woot!

LOL, Daon, I do feel icky now! (But I still reserve the right to drool over the poster!) ;p