Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cartoon Weekly: 3

Welcome to this - the third edition - of Cartoon Weekly where we examine my (sometimes sick) sense of humor. And off we go....

Here we are with a throw-back to childhood. Any of you remember the Care Bears? Oh how I begged for them for Christmas and birthdays. I had Sunshine Bear, which is kinda funny given that I am NO cuppa sunshine in the mornin'. I also had/still have Care Bear sheets. While lots of junk from the 80s is making a comeback, I haven't seen these guys yet.

This Rose is Rose cartoon seemed particularly fitting given all the hulabaloo over health care going on right now. (As you can see, I prefer the humorous approach to serious issues. *wink*)

Bizarro has done it again. This cartoon series never fails to make me laugh at the mundanest of things - much like Seinfeld. I do believe that this one made me spew my morning tea on the particular day it arrived in my Google Reader.

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