Monday, October 12, 2009

Awesome Birthday

Wow - what a fabulous birthday weekend I had! I just can't say enough about how wonderful my friends & family are - each and every one of you made this birthday super-special; THANKS!

Friday I got to see my bestest gf Jamie. Getting to spend time with her was such a wonderful birthday treat. Funny thing about us: no matter how much time has passed since we last spent any significant time catching up, it's like it was yesterday. And we can waste away gazillions of hours talking and laughing and ... well, just being us. We've lived within 100 miles of each other for a coupla years now, and we're just now getting around to actually seeing each other in person. Which is particularly funny when you consider that we've spent most of the last 10 yrs separated by several states and even an ocean at one time and now that we live so close we can't get it together!

Saturday I went shopping with my neighbor friend Kelli. I had some North Park Gold and some coupons to spend. We had a terrific lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. (Have you tried the (seasonal) pumpkin cheesecake? OMG - to die for!!!!) And then we headed to North Park for some shopping. We both came away with lighter wallets and some terrific finds. We returned home to the boys who had been out picking up goodies for my birthday dinner. And what a fabulous dinner it was! They tried out a local butcher shop that they'd been eyeing for some time. Oh my, those were the best steaks I've had - so flavorful and tender and, of course, cooked to rare perfection. And Kelli made the yummiest au gratin potatoes. The boys grilled some asparagus for our "something green" - one of my rules for a healthy dinner. We paired our meal with a bottle of Freemark Abbey cabarnet that we picked up in Napa back in '07 & have been cellaring. It was such a terrific compliment to dinner! To top it all off, we had tiramisu from our favorite local Italian joint run by my friends from back home. Couldn't ask for a better day!

Yesterday part of my family came to church with me, where I sang The Lord's Prayer as a special surprise for them. Then we headed home for a family birthday gathering. My brother & SIL came over, along with my aunt & uncle and their four kids who I haven't seen since the summer. I made two roasts, and we had the usual fixings. Mom made a fabulous GF strawberry cake - by far the best strawberry cake I've ever eaten. YUM-E! It was a wonderful afternoon of visiting with family. And mom & Granny hung around after we sent the rest of the family on their way and did the dishes that wouldn't fit in the first load of the dishwasher (I was happy to wait for it to finish & load the rest, BUT when good help offers...) before heading for home themselves.

All in all, turning 33 wasn't so bad. In fact, I'd say it was smashing!

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Kara said...

I hope you had a happy birthday. Sorry the wishes are a bit belated.