Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cartoon Weekly

I have grown up with a love for the "funny papers." I remember when the funnies were a big deal. At our house, we would fight over them every Saturday night after the paper came.

Print media is dwindling in popularity and gone are the days of lots of our favorite comics ... in print anyway. But I follow several of mine online now. I've decided to run a weekly post dedicated to a mixture of some of the ones I follow. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into what makes me giggle each week. *wink*

(Click 'em to go big)

I love this cartoon b/c it reminds me of the times I've asked my grandmother how to make some of her secret family recipes. There are always some "special instructions" that make all the difference.

Bizarro is such a fun read b/c it reminds of Seinfeld with its funny twists on the mundane. For instance, in this one, who's ever thought about what the bed is thinking??

FMinus is another quirky little comic that puts a fun spin on everyday things. This one ... a whole new meaning to a popular phrase.

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