Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yeah Yeah

So I fell off the map. Not that there's any particular reason for it. I just did. I was just too busy enjoying a week where I had no place to go. Ever have those? Aren't they grand? I realize I still have several days' worth of Alaska stories/photos to share with you. I will get to those. I've moved them from the MacBook to the iMac, if that counts. (And it does in my book!) So I'll get your slideshow uploaded soon enough. It's just that it's officially summer for me - which means no rehearsals, no voice lessons, no singing engagements. And I'm enjoying the free time!!!! *Ahhhh* But ... that doesn't mean I'm not singing. Nosiree. I'm actually working on programming a fall recital. So I'm busy pondering & tinkering at the ivories trying to find just the right combo of pieces that fit in my voice just so. But I still plan to enjoy the evenings & weekends that I now have all to myself (and Derek, of course!). Nosiree, don't you worry. I'll enjoy my summer off!

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