Friday, July 17, 2009

Things: Installment 26

Since I've not blogged much lately, this one is all about catching you up on the mundane happenings of the last several weeks.

Exciting Things We've Been Doing
  • Choir was officially over & done on July 5th. We sang some lovely patriotic music and bid the congregation adieu for six weeks. So I've had absolutely nowhere to be the last several weeks and what a nice feeling that is. I can plan other things to occupy my evenings. Which, quite frankly, has consisted of sitting on my hiney!
  • We're still meeting with our personal trainers, in case anyone's been wondering. Things are going well, if I do say so myself. I don't look quite as twiggish. Haven't lost any weight yet, but my pants are fitting a little better as things seem to be rearranging. Derek's lost weight, but guys tend to do that quicker. Pfftt!
  • This last weekend we had some people over to watch the UFC fights. Honestly, these things fail to impress me. What's the point of watching two men smash each other's faces in?! I don't call that entertainment personally. So I played around on Facebook for most of the time. We did play a little Wii before & after the fights, which was about the most fun I had all night. It was nice to see everyone despite the "entertainment."
  • I met the fam in Greenville to pick up our cow. Have I mentioned that? Yeah, every year or so, we have a cow slaughtered, butchered, and put it in the freezer. There's nothing like home-grown cow, let me tell ya! It tastes soooooo much better than that crap you buy in the grocery store. And since my uncle raises the beef, I know exactly what my cow's been eating. Bet you can't say the same! Even if you don't know a cattleman personally, I suggest purchasing your beef from an independent butcher/meatlocker b/c that's where he's getting his beef from.
  • Remember I said that I'm off for the summer? No singing? Yeah, well. Sorta. Usually others sign up to sing solos. There were 10 who volunteered for this summer. But it's funny how quickly those volunteers disappear when you actually try to pin them to a date. So I'll be filling in the gap this Sunday. Yay? (Sometimes I would like to sit in the congregation with my spouse too, ya know!)
  • And really. That's about it. We've spent evenings with the neighbors or with other friends. It's been a nice lazy coupla weeks.

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