Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cherish Each Day

Ali Edwards, who is well-known in the paper crafts industry, runs a weekly Three Things Series. This week's post was particularly poignant and touching. So I thought I would share a portion of it with you. She focuses on storytelling. For me, memories and stories of my life are sensory. Sights, smells, sounds all play a very powerful role in my memories. And so it is with so many others - dare I say, most of us.

This beautiful story, for me, was made even more so with the added element of music (also provided by Ali). So do me a favor. Play this song as you read this story.

Tell me that you are not forever altered. That you don't take a tearful moment to reflect on your life. Your memories. And how can you do more to cherish each precious day.

SPECIAL NOTE: Several of you have said that you were unable to view the story linked above. The only way I've been able to scroll down the page and read the story is with my center roller on the mouse. Neither arrows nor the page down key will do it. I hope this works for you. It's a lovely story!



I almost with you didn't post it. It is very touchy. I reposted it on my FB.
Love is beautiful.
I love the Paris part of it. Something beautiful better than death. Crazy.

JanaRae said...

Wow. This has never happened. I tried. I really did. But I just can't read it. Having just spent time with Dad...he's using a cane now. We visited his best friend in the hospital (now on day 18 of 30 days of radiation). My best friend lost her dad in June....

But thank you for sharing it. I know that I WILL get back to it. And I know that I will be glad to have read it. So again, in advance, thank you.