Friday, June 05, 2009

Things: Installment 22

'Tis the time of year to celebrate our parents what with Mother's Day in May and Father's Day in June. So I think it'll be fun to do a little post about them. Here we go....

Things about My Parents
  • My parents have been married for 35 yrs. I don't know about you, but to me, that seems like eons! Then again, sometimes I shake my head in surprise to think it's coming up on 9 yrs for us.
  • My mom didn't go to college until she was in her 30s when she went to nursing school. Up until then, she had odd jobs while being a SAHM.
  • My dad took some night classes here and there but never got a college degree. He worked for the State for 30 yrs, working his way up quite literally from the bottom to the top. Dad's now "retired." (Tho I use that term very loosely!)
  • My dad actually has TWO retirements - one from the State and one from the Army. He retired from the National Guard just after Desert Shield (during Papa Bush's presidency).
  • Mom is currently school nurse at a large 4A high school, though she will tell you her favorite job was as a labor & delivery nurse. (YUK!)
  • I cannot think of any major events that my parents have missed. They've been to every concert, recital, graduation, ceremony, birthday, holiday ... rain or shine.
  • Though they don't share too many hobbies, both of my parents love, love, love to fish! Several years ago, they bought a bass boat & have had great fun hopping around from lake to lake chasing after "the big one."
  • None of my parents' parents or siblings has ever been divorced.
  • My mom is the one who first got me interested in music. We listened to music all the time when I was little. I begged to learn to play piano long before I was 5; my mom made me wait until I was 6. She taught me the first year or two and then I took privately until I was in high school.
  • My dad has been my "sound guy" for about 25 yrs. He took over the sound at church when I was in elementary school and has been running it ever since. I wish I could bring him to Dallas to my current gig!
  • I got my pack-ratting abilities from my dad. Just ask him how far back his Popular Science collection goes!
  • They're both pretty doggone handy when it comes to household stuff. So good crafting abilities & general handiness came honestly, though not necessarily in heaping helpings as I still call them often for *HELP* w/ projects!
  • All in all, I couldn't ask for better parents & am thankful for them each & every day! *muah*



This installment is awesome.

By the way, I thought I was the only person in the planet who says Papa Bush. :-)
I am sure I coined the term, you have to fight me for it.

Your parents are great.
PS You write well. I could never express myself in writing, or anything really. Just drilling. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying such nice things and thank you for being a great daughter. We are blessed and I thank the Lord every day for everything we have been given.

Love you back,