Sunday, June 28, 2009

Terrific News!

Derek had his four-month follow-up appointment with the oncologist on Friday. Each month & each good report, it gets a little easier to breathe that sigh of relief that we're making our way further and further out of the woods. Dr. Hutson said that everything looked wonderful & Derek's results showed him to be the picture of perfect health. The oncologist also stressed that he thought we made the right decision in choosing not to go through proactive chemotherapy but instead choosing close observation and was very pleased with Derek's stick-to-itiveness. It's nice to have that kind of affirmation from your oncologist!

We look forward to another good report next month.

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The Cockrells said...

That is amazing news! And YES I want to see that Fame movie! I hadn't even heard they were remaking it, so thanks for sharing!!!