Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Open Letter

To the "security guards" in my office building:

YOU ARE STUPID! About as smart as a box of rocks. Maybe even a herd of sheep on their best day. Which is why you are working here in the first place. (But I digress.)

Rather than accosting the people you see every. single. day., who obviously work here b/c why else would you see them every. single. day. at. 7:15! Pffftt!, perhaps you should consider establishing a consistent set of policies and ACTUALLY FOLLOWING THEM!

"Employees should wear their i.d. badges to expedite processing," you said a year ago. And yet when i.d. badges were/are clearly displayed, employees were/are still harrassed about items in their bags. So we quit wearing the badges b/c they obviously didn't/don't make a damn bit of difference.

And what? NOW you'd like to claim my i.d. badge is important?! *insert world's BIGGEST eyeroll* This morning:

Smart Security Guard: What electronics do you have in yo [sic] bag?
Me: I work here. {Thinking: And you know that since I've walked through your line Every. Day. This. Week. and told you that on Monday, not to mention showed you MY BADGE that day too!!!}
SSG: Well, if you clearly displayed yo [sic] badge, I wouldn't have to ast [sic] you wha's [sic] in yo [sic] bag.
Me {as I was walking away}: I WOULD display my badge if it made any difference!!!!!!

So, "security," if you re-opened that "Employee Only" line that you thought was SO STUPID and if you actually make the "Employee Only" line something other than a joke (i.e. quit harrassing the employees when they take advantage of said line), then we will all gladly display our i.d. badges. And what do you bet that our lives will be much easier b/c you'll no longer have employee meltdowns when they go through security every day?!


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