Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

OMG - the storms we've had over the last 12-ish hours have been ridiculous! And by ridiculous, I mean crazy/strong. When it finally gets light (and quits pouring & zinging) this morning, we may finally know the grand sum of damage done to our house/property.

We know with certainty that we have to have a significant portion of our fence replaced BEFORE WE LEAVE ON SATURDAY EEK! (photo coming once the rain lets up to take one) 70+ mph downdraft winds snapped the posts off at the ground last night. I've never seen anything like it. I don't remember the wind blowing like that even when Ike came through last year!

Whether we have roof damage is still up for debate. In a small break in the storms last night, we went out to assess things. Without getting on the roof, we can't say with certainty whether we'll need any shingle repair. But I can say that there are a few places that, at the very least, look suspicious.

On the upside, we got both cars in the garage before the storm hit! AND we did not lose power for any length of time, which is seriously an act of God if you know anything about our neighborhood.

It's raining cats & dogs this morning, which means (a) I'm gonna get wet taking the dog out to go potty b/c I can't just let her out now that we have a backyard opened to the world and (b) I'm gonna get to work wet & will likely have harrowing tales about the commute/walk from the bus stop. It's also lightning like CRAZY and I'm seriously scared to even take the umbrella but do not have enough rain gear to stay even remotely dry without it. At least the trees, buildings, and monuments downtown are taller than I am so I stand a chance of not becoming BBQd. (No need for short jokes, thanks.)

Hope all of you weathered the storms alright. Updates at 10.

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The Cockrells said...

Fo REAL sista. didn't get a WINK of sleep last night due to the freaking thunder and lightning. hope the damage wasn't too bad!