Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cutie Head Moment #5,752

Today's Cutie Head Moment is brought to you today by Hanes Her Way.

So I was walking down the sidewalk this morning on my way from my bus stop to my office building. Believe it or not, downtown Dallas is pretty busy at 7:15 a.m. Anyway, as I'm making way, I notice that I'm getting lots of stares from passersby. Granted, I'm all dressed up today - and looking pretty cute, if I do say so myself - b/c we're having a meeting with a bunch of politicians. So I'm feeling pretty confident in my choice of outfit.

But then, this one guy walking towards me really gives me the stare down. Not one of those, "hey, there's a cutie" stare downs either. He has one of those smirks that tells me that somewhere in my outfit I have a malfunction. Naturally, the light changes and I don't really have the opportunity to check this out without a whole street full of passing cars noticing. A bit of quick thinking tells me to take the arm with the light jacket draped over it and put it up across my chest and grab hold of my purse. This covers all possible angles of a wardrobe malfunction - from zipper to buttons. About halfway up the next block, the traffic on the street finally clears, so I take a quick peek and realize that the two top buttons on my blouse have come unbuttoned & I am quite literally flashing my lovely new bra to the whole world. Fabulous! I quickly get the buttons back where they belong - no one else on the street being the wiser.

And I now know why I was getting all those looks as I was walking up the block! I hope it made somebody's morning!


Anonymous said...

They should call you the streaker!! How funny. It's hard to be embarassed bc most of those people don't know you. They probably thought poor girl, she doesn't know her shirt is unbuttoned and no one wanted to tell you. Just laugh and go on.

Susan said...

Guess who I saw again this morning? The guy who gave me "the look!" I think he was disappointed that I didn't have a shirt with a view this morning!!! ;p