Saturday, June 13, 2009

And We're Off

Well, we are now on our way to the airport to head off to Seattle to meet our cruise ship. We'll be sailing Alaska this next week. And we're really looking forward to the beautiful scenery, cool weather, and the chance to recharge.

Dori's gone to camp and we've left the neighbors house/cat sitting. Hopefully there won't be any weather news to report while we're gone. We've done the best we can to batten down the hatches just in case tho - both cars are in the garage, anything that might fall over has already been laid on its side, etc. No chance to check the roof before we left so we're hoping we came out unscathed - we sure don't want to come home to wet ceilings! We did get the fence fixed before we left tho. (Yay! And thank you, Edgar (JV Lawncare), for coming out in a jiffy & working late into the evening!) It's a relief to know that the world is no longer our backyard!

I might post a few things while we're cruising, but I make no promises. I'll definitely post a trip summary sometime after we get back. Have a great week!

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