Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alaska: Day 2

Today we're sailing as we make our way to our first port of call. And that means we have to find something to keep us occupied all day. *grin* We decided to have breakfast together in the morning. It was a lovely morning and mom & dad had already seen whales. The rest of us were sleeping & missed it! After breakfast, Derek and I went to a presentation on emeralds. I like to go to these informative sessions about jewelry. I find them fascinating. Perhaps I missed my calling as a geologist? LOL! Derek cringes at the thought of them b/c it usually means I decide on my next collectible gemstone. haha!

Later in the morning, we both had massages at the spa. We've never taken advantage of the spas on the ships before. Quite frankly, now I'm wondering why! It was wonderful. By the time we were finished in the spa, it was time for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging about watching the world go by before getting ready for dinner. Mom and I decided to go to another gemstone presentation right before dinner b/c we were supposed to get a coupon for a free one-carat sapphire. Unfortunately, our dinner reservations didn't allow us to stay long enough to get the coupon. *sniff*

This is the first formal night on the cruise and we all opted to dress up. You get photos taken, after all. We had dinner at one of the ship's specialty restaurants - Cagney's Steakhouse. Honestly, I've had better steak at home, but I think we're pretty spoiled here in Texas! That being said, there are plenty of good steakhouses right here at home who've managed to overcook my steak. Still, it was a wonderful dinner full of good family time and plenty of laughter. I swear, sometimes you can't take us anywhere!

That evening, we went to a show in the theatre. Derek wasn't interested in going. Musicals aren't really his thing. So he hung out at the pub while the rest of us went to the show. Overall, it was pretty good ... for ship entertainment. I've heard better singers in Dallas, but again, we're pretty spoiled here with some really fabulous theatre companies!!!

We called it a night after the show as we'd all be getting up early to meet our onshore excursions in Ketchikan.


Anonymous said...

For a day at sea, it went by fast. It helps to have scenery going by to watch plus there was always someone to talk to. Dinner was very laid back. It takes up to 2 hours to have a formal meal in the specialty places but who's in a hurry? We didn't have anywhere to go except sleep.

Susan said...

Those sea days really did go by fast! We found plenty to do to keep us occupied - I think our game days were the best. =p