Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alaska: Day 1

So today we're up early to catch our 7:45 a.m. flight from DFW to Seattle. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen 4 a.m. in a LONG time! We made it just fine though. Only a minor snafu coming through security. Someone may have forgotten to put his pocket knife in his checked baggage. *ahem* But I won't say who that someone is.

So ... once dad gets his bag searched and his knees wanded (oh yes, poor dad had to go into the box of shame, as we started to call it, everywhere we went b/c his new knees won't clear a metal detector), we made our way to the AA Admiral's Club. We wouldn't have gone except that we were expecting to have more time there & had already paid the fee for the fourth person to go in that day. Besides, the bathrooms were nicer than the ones in the terminal. We enjoyed our 20 min. of quiet and then headed back to our gate to board the plane for Seattle.

We had a smooth ride into Seattle and the best seats on the plane for views of Mt. Rainier. Spectacular! We grabbed our luggage (who's idea was it to pack so much stuff????) and headed for our ride to the pier. My, oh my, was that interesting! Thank GOD we had reservations b/c there's no TELLING how long we would have had to wait otherwise. As it was, we waited about ... gee, how long was it? An hour and a half, I guess? To catch our shuttle to the pier. Once we finally got a van, we got there lickety split tho.

Check-in was a breeze ... mostly. Poor dad had to get wanded again. And we had a snag checking our luggage in with the cruise line, but that was poor planning on the cruise line's part. Who makes a line full of people with all their luggage split into two lines only to put them back into one line at the baggage belt???? After depositing our luggage, we were on the ship in no time flat - like 5 min. actually - enjoying a bit of bubbly and some lunch. After lunch, our staterooms were ready so we checked out our rooms & dropped off our carry-on luggage before sailing away from Seattle on our way to our first port of call though we aren't due there until Monday.

There was a bit of excitement in the middle of the night, though Derek & I slept through it. Apparently, someone was injured and had to be taken by boat to a hospital onshore. The Canadian Coast Guard met us in the middle of the night. Mom & dad got to see everything from their balcony.

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