Friday, May 22, 2009

Things: Installment 20

How funny is it to think how far TV has come in the last 20 years? Things that were racy back then seem pretty doggone tame, don't they? Let's look at some of my faves from my childhood, shall we?

Things I Watched on TV in the '80s
  • Chips - Aw, who doesn't remember Paunch?!
  • TJ Hooker - William Shatner & Heather Locklear. What an interesting combo.
  • The Dukes of Hazard - Did you catch the reunion episode? It was surprisingly NOT disappointing! I still love watching the reruns on CMT. I, on the other hand, outright REFUSE to watch the movie remake - Jessica Simpson will never pass as Daisy Duke in my book (Daisy was not a trashy bimbo, thankyouverymuch)!!!!!!!!
  • The A-Team - I think we can all sing the theme song, can't we?
  • MacGyver - Who didn't fall in love with Richard Dean Anderson? Oh, and there were, of course, all the cool things you learned to do with duct tape!
  • Miami Vice - That Don Johnson, he looked pretty cool in that white suit!
  • Magnum PI - Tom Sellec always managed to get out of those sticky situations w/ the ladies! And the scenery wasn't too bad either. Didn't he live in Hawaii??
  • Dallas - *gasp* I know! Pretty scandalous to think I watched this show. I aspired to be Sue Ellen. How's that for funny?!
  • The Fall Guy - my brother & I used to watch this show when we were home in the summer. It came on in the middle of the day on UPN, I think. The bounty hunter always got the bad guy on the run.
  • Knight Rider - come on, we all loved Kit! The remake, however, sucked big bollocks! Glad it got cancelled.

What shows did you watch?

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