Friday, May 08, 2009

Things: Installment 18

Since I tend to be a home-body, at least these days, I thought it would be fun to delve into Home for this week's Things. And away we go.

Things About Our House
  • We started the grand house hunt in February of 2003. Our landlord actually recommended our realtor, who we ended up liking a lot.
  • We looked at a LOT of houses in Coppell, where we were living at the time, before we took our realtor's lead and ventured further east. We didn't intend to build a house, but when we toured the brand new neighborhood we're now in, we fell in love with it - ideal location, nice houses, reasonable prices well within our budget, halfway between both sets of parents, not too far from work, and access to public transporation.
  • We broke ground on our house on April 5, 2003 and closed July 15, 2003. We couldn't have asked for better weather to build, which is why the process went so smoothly & was finished so quickly. We likewise had a terrific project foreman who took great care of us & met all of our requests to a T (well, except for the trees but whatever). We were on site every day, so nothing slipped by us (or by him b/c he knew we'd be checking in on the crew every day!).
  • It took the biggest moving truck U-Haul had plus four trucks and several cars to get us moved. Good lord we had a lot of big furniture and lots of junk! (And we've only added to the collection over the last 6 yrs. It would probably take three trucks now. LOL!)
  • Generally, the house is fairly clean on any given day. Nothing a quick run of the vacuum and stashing of the clutter wouldn't fix anyway. So I guess you could call it guest-ready on most days.
  • The closets and garage, on the other hand, are not visitor-approved. Peek in at your own risk - and I do mean risk of life & limb! They're on the to-do list this year (again).
  • Our fence has been half-stained the last 4 years (or so). My dad & brother started the project and Derek and I were supposed to finish. *ahem* Haven't exactly gotten around to it. We even have the 5 gal. of stain! *looks away rather embarrassed*
  • I also have five unopened gallons of interior paint that I bought the same time we bought the fence stain. *sigh*
  • Our last big house project was the back patio makeover. Next up on the list (um...aside from the fence staining & interior painting) is new flooring.
  • Speaking of projects with dad, he installed the chair rail in our formals, painted the guest room, helped us install our first patio extension, installed several of our ceiling fans, helped me install the tile backsplash in our kitchen, installed our dishwasher, amongst many other things on the honey-do list. He's quite handy!

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