Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reduced to This?!

You: Have she run out of things to talk about? So that now she's forced to post comics rather than interesting tidbits?

Me: Pretty much. But, in my defense, there have been so many good ones lately! Seriously! Like this one on Bizarro's blog today:

I find this comic humorous for a number of reasons.

  1. We often joke about our dear tabby cat, Adda, who is a bit round around the middle. By all measurements, she's not technically overweight. No really. Even the vet says so. We often say that she's been "put together by committee" b/c she has an itty bitty head and the rump of a Maine Coon, which basically means that "she's got some birthin' hips." And she seldom puts herself in positions that are particularly flattering. (If I think about it, I'll rummage around & post an example pic. We definitely have some!)
  2. We all have our "trouble spots." Mine would be my hips. No matter what, they're always gonna be a bit on the wide side. And that's okay. At least I have a little shape, ya know? Still, it's funny to get to poke fun at those little areas once in a while. I'm just engineered to look "hippy." (No, not hippie! Lord knows I'd never qualify as a hippie. Well, except for the aversion to shaving the ol' legs. But that's just laziness. TMI, yes? LOL!!) =)
  3. Have you ever noticed that men's polo shirts have horizontal stripes and aren't made to tuck in? Which naturally accentuates those qualities that they most often like to hide, like that extra donut they had for breakfast .... every day for the last year or that biggie fry they've been getting with lunch twice a week for some time now. Just something interesting I've observed in the myriad of polos hanging on Derek's side of the closet - not a single one has vertical stripes!

So am I the only one who thinks the gag in this comic is funny??

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The Cockrells said...

I loved it. Heh.