Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Recap

I'm finally feeling like blogging again. Things were crazy there for a few weeks and I just couldn't give energy to everything. So let's see if I can cover everything you've missed.
  • The recital went off without a hitch. It was well-attended with 60 or so in the audience, despite the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend. I won't tell you that everything was perfect b/c it never is, right? But I'm always amazed at how much more we grow vocally each year - or 6 mos., in this case. Whitney and I are so blessed to be employed at LHUMC with so many opportunities to spread our wings. 
  • You may have noticed the obituary I posted last week. Derek's grandmother has been in declining health for some time, but her passing was pretty unexpected. We had just received the news that she had pancreatic cancer. Within just a few short days, she had passed away. Despite the fact that Mamaw will be dearly missed, it was truly a blessing. She is now without pain - something she had not known in more than 15 yrs. The funeral was very nice, and I was pleased to be able to sing at the family's request.
  • We bought a new car this week. Derek has complained for several months that his Escape was not safe in bad weather. It was too light for windy days and simply wouldn't hold to the road on rainy days. Given how much he drives for work, this was not a good situation. Having only had the Escape for about 18 mos., we were obviously very upside down, even though I've been making extra payments for some time now. In the end, Derek's dad approached us about taking the truck from us. When it was all said and done, that's exactly what he did. And that's freed us from a third car payment and allowed us to replace the Escape with a Jetta TDI. A car? Yep. Surprisingly that thing has tons of interior room, and it gets awesome gas mileage (40+ mpg). The diesel engine should allow us to keep this car for 250k miles or better - a HUGE bonus (why didn't we think of this sooner??!).
  • We enjoyed time with friends last night for Derek's 4th annual birthday bash. It was a smaller group than in years past, but we had just as much fun. Thanks, Dan, for hosting the shindig this year. And a huge thanks to Bob for cookin' up some awesome mudbugs!
  • This afternoon, we're headed to N. Richland Hills for a family shindig to celebrate my cousin Scott's high school graduation. I CANNOT believe he is going off to college in the fall! I'm definitely feeling my age today. (Now I know how my uncle felt when I graduated high school (he was my age at the time).)

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