Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo actually has no significance whatsoever in Mexico?? Nope. It's a totally made-up American holiday. Bring on the 'ritas!

So is it me or did the weekend just fly by? I looked up & it was Monday. And I thought to myself, "WTH! Where'd my weekend go??" Seriously. And it's not like there was that much going on either.

Did I mention last week that Derek & I both finally joined the gym? We did. We've been talking about it for a long while but hadn't actually gone & done it until this week. You get a free fitness assessment & session w/ a personal trainer as a perk for joining the club. I had mine on Friday. Wow. Am I sore. But I did enjoy it & ultimately decided that we'll both benefit from having a personal trainer. Lord knows neither of us will torture ourselves into shape! *wink* I have my first real session this afternoon. I hate to think what a real session will be like! LOL

We had dinner with some of the neighbors on Friday night and then stayed up (much past my bedtime) playing karaoke on the 360. I had an earlyish morning rehearsal with my recital accompanist on Saturday. It wasn't too bad, though it would have been much better had I not sung those crazy low pop songs the night before! LOL I had a studio workshop on Sunday afternoon that I'd forgotten about & was thus not well prepared for. But it also went surprisingly well. Otherwise, about the only thing we accomplished this weekend was keeping our heads above water. (But our patio was dry!) Was that rain not crazy???!

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