Friday, April 17, 2009

Things: Installment 15

Here's a fun one. Let's talk about hobbies! Do you have a hobby? Maybe two? I have lots of hobbies myself - singing, scrapbooking, cardmaking, playing piano, to name a few. But today, I'm going to talk about just ONE.

Things About Being Crafty

  • I'm crafty with paper. Some people are crafty with everything. For me, it's just paper. What do you mean just paper? I mean, beyond paper, I'm just not that crafty. You should see some of my decorating disasters - like a tragic excuse for a wreath that ultimately was too ugly to hang up & ended up in the trash!
  • I have an entire room in my house devoted to paper crafting. Yep. A. whole. room. What on earth do you need a whole room for? Well, you see, over the last nine years, I've accumulated a lot of "stuff," like paper and albums and embellishments and tools. And, when I'm working on a project, I like to spread out. And I often don't get to a stopping point in just one day. Now that I have the craft room, I can spread out and walk away and shut the door, even if I'm not finished. So no more cleaning up and putting away just so we can eat at the table! Plus, it keeps my "helpers" out of my stuff! And the cats LOVE my stuff.
  • I started my obsession ... uh, I mean, hobby after I received a scrapbooking kit as a wedding gift. My very first scrapbook is all about me & Derek - how we met, our engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. Looking back on it, it's pretty elementary, but it serves its purpose - preserving memories.
  • I have since branched out into other paper crafts, like cardmaking, rubber stamping, and digital scrapbooking.
  • I have lots of tools & toys. Here are a few I use most often and should be in every crafter's arsenal: 12 in. paper trimmer, precision scissors, adhesive, die cutting machine, wide format printer, my awesome computer, and cool scrapbooking software.
  • I tend to be a collector. I try not to buy things without a particular project in mind. But as I've branched out in my crafting, I tend to buy extras too. Ribbon & paper are current faves. The funny thing is that I buy them & then am often hesitant to use them b/c "they're too pretty" or "they're brand new." LOL
  • I do NOT keep up with all the things I have not scrapped. Believe me, you'll feel overwhelmed in a hurry. (I mean, I haven't scrapped my Austria trip from 2002! See what I mean???) I try to keep up with the recent things tho. BUT just in case I don't start on something immediately, I've learned from some pros to keep a journal, especially on trips. I write down everything b/c I know I can always sift through the "junk" later. And let me tell you, that's been an invaluable tidbit that I now pass along to you, you're welcome!
  • I am often asked to make projects for other people. I did a lot of this for a while and ultimately neglected my own stuff. I'm now a lot smarter about the projects I take on and don't do a bunch of them in a row.
  • Yes, I AM one of those people who sends handmade cards for holidays. (I see you with the big eye roll. But you know you've saved them all! *wink*)
  • I shop in three places most often: Michaels, Gotta Scrap in Rockwall, and my favorite companies' websites.
  • I have no idea how much money I have invested in my hobby. Trust me, this isn't something you'd want to know. Though it might be helpful in case of fire. *shudder*



by the way, any unwanted scraps are wanted here. Your trash is our treasure. Toddler activities are projects are costing money and flow in the trash in seconds. The teacher at the daycare is always OHH so happy to get anything from me to do things with the little ones. She does not ask, she is just happy to get it.
Anyway, just unwanted stuff ....

and I like handmade cards. I got a couple from your mom and they are amazing, by the way, I save them all period. I am the one who saves all of the cards since I was 19. :)

Susan said...

it is SOOOO time to do a purge in the craft room, too. i've been hesitant b/c i wasn't sure what i would do with the things i didn't want. but now i do - i'll bring them you! you can decide what you want to keep for sasha's at-home projects & take the rest to his preschool. can't wait to do that cleaning now!


Michaels: lots of Easter stuff on sale, especially ribbons. $99 - for a roll.
Just came from there.
Bought art supplies for the preschool. They gave a tub of paint brushes for free. :) wow.
I am excited to go pick up my son because his teacher will be so happy to get the supplies I bought.
Speaking of uncontrollable, I spent $57. Too much.
I am keeping some of it an home for our little projects.
Will be making a sea horse this weekend. Check out my blog later. I will post it.

Susan said...

haha - welcome to the wallet vacuum that we call crafting. but isn't it sooo much fun?! that's how you end up with a whole ROOM full of stuff.

thanks for the head's up on the goodies at michaels. i have a coupon. speaking of which, you should sign up for their e-newsletter (sign up at they send out coupons every week!

JanaRae said...

Your hand-made cards are always a favorite! No eye-rolling here!!