Friday, April 10, 2009

Things: Installment 14

Since we got a little peak into my high school years, I thought it might be fun to do a little post about college. Granted, you're not going to get all the good stuff. My family does read this too, after all. *grin*

Things about My College Years
  • I turned down a full ride to Austin College for A BOY! While I could say this was stupid, in the end, it really did work out in my favor. I made terrific friends and have lots of fond memories! (And I went to my alma mater on a full ride too.)
  • After The Big Break-up, I dated. A. Lot. In fact, it became a running joke about "what letter of the alphabet" I was on. I did manage to date in alphabetical order. Weird. And no kidding.
  • I was one of only two agriculture majors to EVER graduate with Academic Distinction. (Though I'm sure many more have managed to accomplish this by now!)
  • I was very active on campus in several service organizations: Freshman Leadership Class (FLC) and Golden Leos (Leos). (I even earned the top two Leo service awards.) Both organizations were liasons to/for the President. We gave campus tours, escorted dignitaries, amongst many other important duties.
  • I wrapped the Assistant Dean's house my senior year. I had help, of course. =)
  • I met one of the litany of boyfriends on the drive home from Mardi Gras. We spent several hours holding notes up to the car windows. I gave him my phone number. (You: Are you NUTS?! Me: Yeah, it probably wasn't the best idea ever. But I DIDN'T stop at the rest stop he & his buddies tried to get us to stop at. *hoping to look a little smarter*) Yep, he did call. We dated for about 9 mos.
  • I took up swing dancing my junior year. There was a big group of us that went to Dallas every weekend. It was all the rage then. Remember the Red Jacket? The Velvet Hammer? The Sandcastle? I even danced for a corporate function in Greenville once.
  • I did not Go Greek. But almost all of my "boyfriends" were.
  • I actually met Derek (in passing) my freshman year; I knew his then-girlfriend. She and I did NOT get along. At all. Derek and I didn't start dating until the summer after I graduated. We met at The House. I was friends with some of his fraternity brothers.
  • While I'm an early-to-bed girl now, my usual bedtime was usually 11:30 - after Frasier went off. Unless it was the weekend. Then it was often into the wee hours. (You: I find that hard to believe!)
  • When I got an apartment, I somehow survived on $150 every two weeks. Keep in mind, my rent was $150 (my whole check on the 1st!). To this day, I'm not really sure how this worked. But I think I had a lot more help than I remember.

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Aggie99 said...

Only you could date in alphabetical order. :) And somehow, I'm not surprised. Well done my friend, well done!