Friday, April 03, 2009

Things: Installment 13

Just the other day, my neighbor remembered that he'll be celebrating his 20th high school reunion this year, and that spawned this edition of Things. What can you remember about your high school years?

Things: The High School Edition

  • I was a band geek. (You: There's a big surprise!) My first two years of marching season, I was in "the pit," where I played bells. One of my favorite songs was "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. It was the drum feature in our marching show. (Every marching show has one - a drum feature, that is.) It was wicked hard to play on the bells, and we rocked on it! My junior and senior year of marching season, I was in the flag corps. I was co-captain my senior year and even helped choreograph several routines. I played piccolo during concert season until Rachel, who was first chair flute, graduated. Then I was first chair flute for the remainder of my high school tenure.

  • The football team went to the playoffs every year.

  • As a result, I became a HUGE football fan (once the band guys taught me everything about the game). Every Sunday, I watched the games with the guys from my youth group. I got to know the Cowboys' playbook so well that I could call the plays even if I was only listening to the game on the radio.

  • My favorite subjects were chemistry and calculus.

  • I sucked at English, tho Ms. Herman did an awesome job of turning me into the writer and (more) critical reader that I am today.

  • I also sucked at standardized tests. My ACT scores landed me all the college scholarships. We won't even bother discussing my SAT scores.

  • My first high school crush was on J. P. We went to homecoming together my freshman year. He was the first chair sax player. He ended up marrying (and subsequently divorcing) one of my good (band) friends.

  • One year, I dumped my prom date at the dance. Didn't even have the courtesy to tell him I was leaving. (You: what a B! / Me: I know!) Had a friend take me home. My mom & his mom worked together. On Monday, my mom says to his mom, "I think the kids had fun at the dance." His mom says, "I don't think so. He didn't even get to take her home." Ruh-roh. I had neglected to tell my mother that I'd ditched my date at the dance. Whoopsy.

  • I was in a high school sorority known as the Hi-King Klub.

  • I graduated 7th in my class of 220. Ironically, I also "graduated" 7th in my 8th grade class. (The valedictorian in 8th grade also graduated as our high school valedictorian. Come to think of it, most of the top 10 in 8th grade remained in the top 10 in high school.)

  • I made my first B ever in English my freshman year. I was devastated! English was the ONLY class in which I ever got Bs.

  • I was Tootle-dee-toos the Monkey in Aladdin, the One Act Play, my senior year. In fact, I didn't get cap and gown pictures because I was gone to a practice meet for One Act. Cap-n-gown day is usually Senior Skip Day, so if you miss it, the school has no make-up session as "punishment." Which was just wrong for those of us who were on a school-sponsored trip!

  • My class song was "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi. (Hey! I didn't pick it!)

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