Monday, April 20, 2009

Mission Accomplished?

Did you enjoy the weekend? The weather was lovely, no? Well, maybe a little drizzly here & there. And definitely windy. But on the whole, it wasn't too bad. We saw more sun than clouds. And we enjoyed a very relaxing weekend. And accomplished ... well, not much. But hey, everyone needs a good rest every once in a while.

Friday, we enjoyed dinner with Skeet since Kelli was out-of-town. Then we headed to the local bowling alley to meet some other neighbors. At one point in time, I was really good at bowling. (I took a bowling class as PE credit in college and got to be pretty darn good at the game.) Those days are definitely over as I was back to bowling a terrific golf score! *sigh* And I also don't remember waking up the next day and not being able to move. Seriously! I was still limping around yesterday, for Pete's sake!

Saturday, Derek "kidnapped" me for the day. I had all kinds of grand plans. Like cleaning the garage. But he trumped me and instead we spent the day running around. And then we loafed around in the evening. It was good quality time. And quite frankly, we haven't had much of that lately. We've both been busy, busy. So it was a nice change.

Sunday, I sang two services. Afterwards, I was supposed to go golfing with Derek. (We've signed up to play a round while we're in Alaska and thought we might ought to start working on our golf game, oh, sometime before we leave.) But his back didn't really feel up to it after bowling on Friday and swinging drivers at the PGA Superstore on Saturday. And honestly, that was better anyway b/c it got crazy windy in the afternoon. And lord knows the two of us don't do all that hot when there's NO wind! So we enjoyed lunch, a little random shopping, and a movie instead. (Note: do not watch Harry Potter while taking a nap unless you'd like to have really weird Harry Potter-ish kinds of dreams. I'm just sayin'.)

Assuming we set out to enjoy a relaxing weekend, I'd say: mission accomplished!!!

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