Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Date Night

Monday night we decided that we would have date night on Tuesday. A typical date night for us generally involves tv or movies and just general loafing around. (Yes, I realize that we loafed over the weekend, but we loafed with other people. Kapiche? *wink*) Tuesday night is our favorite night of television b/c there are two shows that we both enjoy watching. NCIS and Fringe...for those inquiring minds who want to know.

But my dear husband decided to go a step further. Of his own accord, he stopped by the grocery store and picked up some lovely roses and food for dinner. And then he cooked for me. (You: Awwwwww! How sweet!) We had a wonderful dinner of grilled halibut steaks and veggies. So tasty! Then we split a box of chocolates I got for Administrative Professionals Day. (Note to self: Eating an entire box of chocolates, even when splitting each piece with someone else, is not a good idea when you do not usually eat a lot of chocolate. In fact, it gives you a tummy ache! Please refrain from over-indulging in the future.)

Aside from the tummy ache, it was a lovely, quiet evening at home!

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