Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday was Laughable

Wanna hear something funny to add to yesterday's tale of woes? So ... Derek had an appointment scheduled for the afternoon and I was supposed to go with him. As you know, I take public transit to work. So to go home in the middle of the day takes some planning. So I left work at the scheduled time to get to the train, get to my car, and get home in time to meet Derek.

Ordinarily when I get on the train, I find a onesy seat, put in the iPod, and shut out everything else, including my phone. Mostly b/c it's too loud on the train to even dream of having an intelligent conversation what with all the rowdy hoodlums that ride the Blue Line.

Well, when I got on the train yesterday, there were no available seats b/c some elementary kids (well-behaved, I might add) were on a field trip. There were lots of kids taking up lots of seats. Rather than moving cars, I just opted to stand. Which meant I didn't plug the ears with the iPod.

Several stops down, I found a seat. I was getting ready to plug the ol' ears when I thought I should shoot Derek a message to let him know I was on my way. What? Missed calls? From work? They never call me. "Derek is looking for you." Alrighty. Wait. A text from Derek? Call him ASAP - nothing bad? Hmmm.

By the time it was all said & done, I found out that Derek's doctor had rescheduled his appointment. Lovely. That would have been nice to know, oh, about 15 min. ago! But by some stroke of luck, I was able to get off at the last station in downtown before heading into the tunnel and catch the next train back down to my office.

It was a lovely waste of 30 min. of my day.

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