Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Have an Oncologist!

You may (or may not) recall that we had our second oncologist consult today. Derek wasn't all that thrilled with the oncologist the surgeon recommended. And since it is traditionally the oncologist's job to conduct the follow-up regimen, it's important to have one you a) like and b) are comfortable seeing for the long-term. While the first guy was nice enough, he wasn't a good fit for the long-term. Today's oncologist, on the other hand, was/is a great fit. And his nurse is also wonderful, which is important since she'll be seeing Derek most often. This oncologist specializes in urological cancers, which includes testicular cancer (obv.). He's the only solo practitioner in Texas - aside from those at MD Andersen. So it goes without saying that he's both smart & published. Additionally, he's young, which means he'll be around for a while so we shouldn't have to worry about finding another oncologist anytime soon. Also a plus.

We didn't hear anything new. What we did hear was more detailed information - some we could actually take home (gee, what a novel concept - send your patient home w/ literature!) as opposed to reading what's on the internet. Which can sometimes be sketchy and/or misleading. We were able to ask questions and get answers - in a format we could understand. Long story short, we're now definitely in surveillance mode. Derek will see the oncologist (or the nurse, more likely) monthly for bloodwork and bi-monthly (preferably but definitely quarterly) for scans (CTs and x-rays).

So yay for finding an oncologist & yay for a definite plan of action!

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yay! sounds good to me!