Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Already?

Wow, the weekend just whizzed by, didn't it? Especially since we had such terrific weather. We enjoyed the patio a lot this weekend. (And naturally, I'm paying the price for it this week! ACHOO!) The boys got a new grill to take on their annual trek to the races, which meant they had to play with the new toy at home first. Since it's a large griddle, they opted to try their hand at hibachi-style food. And their first attempt was pretty tasty.

I also took advantage of the beautiful weather to do a little spring cleaning. The fridge is (mostly) clean, the litter boxes have been scrubbed, and lots of boxes were broken down & recycled. I intended to prune the rosebush on Sunday afternoon but had to forego due to an attack of the sneezes. Maybe this afternoon, assuming the rain clears out by then.

Mom came over Saturday & we scrapped all day. She accomplished a lot more than I did, but she had a game plan. I did accomplish the one thing I had on my to-do list for the day but otherwise jumped around from one thing to another. I did, however, manage to catch mom up on all of the latest news at the office. We often joke that we should write a book & call it 'As the Court Turns.' Seriously. Such drama for such a small place.

This week is shaping up to be pretty quiet, which is nice b/c I have French to learn & some scrapbook projects I'm itching to work on (looks like I finally have the crafting mojo back!). Tune in Friday for another edition of Things.

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