Friday, March 20, 2009

Things: Installment 11

I tip my hat to my small-town, farming roots with this one. Enjoy!

All Things Rodeo
  • A good friend of mine from college was a rodeo queen. I went to see several of her pageant events. True story!
  • This same friend was a barrel racer. Do you know how expensive those horses are? Good lord, you could buy a nice car for that price! A REALLY nice car when you factor in the truck, trailer, and tack!
  • For the last several years of junior high & my freshman year of high school, I wore boots & Rocky Mountains every day to school. Anyone else remember when those were a big deal? As tight as you could stand them. And they had to be starched so they would practically stand up by themselves. Yeah. I had the big hair too.
  • I actually graduated in a rodeo arena ... fresh after a rodeo. Thanks a lot to the manicurists at the football field who decided to water the football field the day that it rained...which just happened to be the day before graduation! Eau de rodeo was the fragrance left in my cap & gown.
  • My mom is an avid bull-riding fan. She has her favorite riders. And she can tell you all about who's leading & how many points they need to get ahead. And stuff. She's even been known to record these events, people!
  • Did you know there's a big rodeo event at the AAC every year? And as part of this event they drive an entire herd of cattle (mostly longhorns) through the streets of downtown Dallas? And this last year, I actually went to watch said cattle mosey down the street. And there was a cow in the herd having a nosebleed & the cowboy cared nothing about it. Poor cow!
  • Did you also know that I have a BS in agriculture? And as part of my core of ag classes, I had to dehorn some of the school's calves? We learned proper technique and after-care. And we also had to adopt one of these calves, be responsible for its daily care, & halter break it. We had six weeks. Cleatis did excellent on his strut around the ring. Of course, bribery never hurts & my partner and I learned carrots & sugar cubes were Cleatis' fave! We thought Cleatis might grow up to be part of a rodeo petting zoo. Naturally, both having grown up on farms, we knew full well that Cleatis would likely become part of the food chain instead.
  • In my hometown, we have a Dairy Festival for which there is a Dairy Festival Queen. (Incidentally, this year is the 50th anniversary.) Part of the pageant process is to do all kinds of farm-related activities, like drive a tractor, milk a cow by hand, participate in a calf scramble, and help with the rodeo that comes to town. But I wasn't cool enough to be a contestant.

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