Monday, March 16, 2009

Lazy Bums

So what did we do this weekend? Not a whole lot of anything. Not unless you want to talk about tv. B/c we watched a lot of it. It was cold & dreary all weekend. So it was really pretty perfect for staying in. We snuggled in our favorite chairs, complete with fuzzy blankets and furry lap buddies, and caught up on tv shows & movies that have clogged the DVR & NetFlix inboxes. It was quite nice. Movies I would definitely watch again: Definitely, Maybe and Traitor.

Saturday we did a little catching up with my family. We haven't gotten together in several months - not as one group anyway. We had a fish fry. Yum-yum! And we had sundaes for dessert. They were supposed to be hot fudge & hot caramel sundaes, but the hot fudge had a little incident on the way to the party. Did you know glass jars and concrete, when meeting from a height of greater than two feet, are not bosom buddies? No? Me either. Let's just say, when I opened the door of the truck to retrieve the bag of goodies, I heard a *kersplat* and looked down to find my scrumptious bottle of dark chocolate hot fudge congealed on the street in one glassy glob. =( And Derek received the look of death for rearranging the bags of goodies mid-route to the party, which naturally meant it was ALL HIS FAULT that my scrumptious bottle of dark chocolate hot fudge met its maker on the concrete rather than In. Mah.Belly! *sigh* But the sundaes were good anyway. Even if they were missing the fudge. ;)

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