Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are You Sure It's Wednesday? didn't start out exactly as I'd planned. I was snoozing all comfy in my bed when my alarm so rudely announced it was time to get up. Drat! As I lay in bed trying to convince myself not to snooze-button-it, I heard the pouring rain. Double drat! I rolled out of bed & proceeded to get ready. Just as I was about done with my shower, the lights went out.

Wow, it's really dark in here.

Then they came back on.

Whew. I have no idea where the flashlight is.

I quickly dried off and proceeded to look for the flashlight. But not before the lights went out again.

Crap! And! Dang - that was my toe on the bedpost!

Aha - the flashlight.

I then finished getting ready in the dark. Good thing I'd decided not to do anything but throw mousse in the ol' mop!

As I was gathering up my stuff to go to my car, it dawned on me. I can't get out of the garage without electricity!

Right. I'll just have Derek ... Wait! He can't let me out of the garage b/c the door weighs more than 10 lbs. *$~%@# ... or something like that.

Alrighty, well, I'll just take the truck. But maybe I should check to be sure Derek doesn't have any work stuff in it. (Despite the fact that HE HAS A DESIGNATED WORK VEHICLE!!!, he's been driving the truck. Grrrr!) Sure enough, he all but had a conniption when I even suggested taking the truck b/c I couldn't get out of the garage what with the electricity off and what-not. He, of course, offers to lift the garage door & I have to go through the whole "but it weighs more than 10 pounds!" thing with him.

So once we go round & round about the fact that I have to take his work vehicle and no, not the stupid truck where all your work stuff is right now (hrumph! grrr! and hissss!), then we have to go on a mad hunt for the keys to his work vehicle so I can actually carry out my plan of oh, you know, going to work. Naturally, the extra set of keys to his work vehicle are not on the key holder where they belong. As a matter of fact, the only set of extra keys on the key holders are to my car. Is that surprising? Nope. I didn't think so.

Throw in for fun the fact that the critters were a little weirded out by the no electricity thing b/c that makes all kinds of electronics in our house beep. Beep. Five minutes later. Beep. And so on. And these aren't quiet beeps. No. These beeps could wake the dead, I tell you. Like I really to need know that the alarm system and the super-duper power strip for the den electronics and the super-duper power strip for my Mac and the whole fiber-optic phone/cable/internet system are now on battery back-up. No. Thanks. I think I've got it already. What with the having to get ready by Sure Fire flashlight and all. But I digress. I think I was talking about the critters before I began this rant.

Right. The critters. Who were weirded out. By the beeping. Oh. And the lightning and thunder and pounding rain. So it was all I could do not to take a step and trip over and/or stomp on & crush some four-footed someone. All the while with them giving me that *meow* of "mommy, how could you do that?" Well. Geez. Get out from under my #$*&@ feet already!

*Deep breath*

And to top it all off, remember the pounding rain? Yeah. It was pounding alright. And blowing sideways. Did I mention the howling wind? No? Well. The rain was pounding. And the wind was howling. And subsequently, on my commute to work, which requires walking ... lots of walking, I got drenched. And I don't just mean a little wet. I mean soaked all the way through to the skin drenched. At least the parts of me that weren't covered by my super-awesome raincoat. Which was basically everything but my torso. *Sigh* Did I mention the rain was cold? Yep. Probably the same temperature as the air outside - 40F something or other. Brrrrrr!

So I'm now shuddering in front of my heater in hopes that I dry out soon.

But thanks for the rain?????


The Cockrells said...

LOL, wow. That was a day.

Anonymous said...

your post is hilarious. I can just imagine what it was like to be there. Poor Susan. ;(

Your sweet mother.