Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a PC User???

Did I mention that we are now a family of Macs? I didn't think so. Derek got a new "work" laptop on Tuesday. ("quotes" b/c the company does not provide said "work" laptop, thank you very much, crappy Big Company w/ gabillions of dollars but no, Big Company pays zip! zero! nada! of its employee's "business expenses.")

So...anyway. Yesterday, my dear husband learned a very important lesson about being a (new) Mac-man. Are you ready for this?

So he downloads a beta program of some kind. (I can't remember now what it was. Maybe an OS update or Safari update? Either way, he didn't tell me about this until later. Keep reading.) When he gets done, he deletes the program file. Why? Well, b/c that's what you do on a PC once you've installed the program, right? Little does he know, you Do Not Under Any Circumstances delete a program file on a Mac!!! What happens? Well, you delete all of the essential files that make your Mac programs run. Poof. Gone. Disappeared. As in icons and everything.

Whoa. Now what? You try downloading the missing programs separately. Only. That doesn't work. Then what do you do? Well, you ask your dear wife, and fellow Mac user, what the H-E-Double just happened. She says, "You did what?! (mouth agape) You Never. Never. Ever. delete a program file on a Mac! Let me see if I can fix it." I tried everything I could think of, including restoring the file in the trash can. But to no avail. "You're gonna have to call Apple. I can't help you."

Two phone calls to Apple later, he has to completely reinstall Leopard. (Doh! Neither of us thought of that before calling Apple. Good thing tech support is free!) I finally ask him, "And how did you get a program file to delete anyway? When I update programs, I never see the program file. Mac takes care of all of that for you through the updater." Which is when Derek fesses up that he downloaded a beta program. Which spurred a complete side-bar discussion about what the heck he was doing downloading beta software when he doesn't even know how to use Mac software to begin with! Arrggh! Long story short, it's all fixed now after he reinstalled the OS.

I think Derek learned some lessons tho. Lesson 1: beta programs are probably not a good idea. Not until you've gotten the hang of the Mac OS anyway. Lesson 2: Never delete a file on a Mac unless you're sure it's delete-able.

Makes for a funny story tho. (And I'm sure he's rolling his eyes that I posted it, even tho I totally warned him that it was "SO going on the blog!")

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The Cockrells said...

i love my macbook. and i don't even know what a beta file IS, so hopefully this means i'll never end up in same predicament! =)